Thursday, 29 January 2009

Five positive thoughts for 2009

Five positive thoughts for 2009
(from blogstreet,

Hi, how is everyone? While some of us here at were never away, some others were away for the long year-end break. But we're all back in the office and raring to start off another year. We know this year is going to be a tough challenge for the countries in this region, for the businesses in this region and, well, for all of us in this region. If there is an economic storm coming, we won't be spared. We'll just have to brace ourselves to meet it in the best way we can. But we're confident that we'll all survive whatever downturns that the economy will throw at us.

Meanwhile, during the holidays, I received an email which I thought, mmm, is interesting enough to share with you. I call it Five Positive Thoughts for 2009 and they are:

1) Forget about the past. Whatever failures happened in 2008 already happened. Just use it as a benchmark to improve but never as a guideline why you cannot achieve success in 2009.

2) Many people wish for a better year in 2009. Don't wish. Wishful thinking doesn't get you anywhere, especially success. Commit to what you want to achieve and achieve it for your own benefit.

3) Be a positive thinker. Think positive about 2009 regardless of the recession because your mind WILL influence your actions.

4) If you have to whine and blame, DO IT NOW. Then get over it and start afresh in 2009.

5) Have a plan. Plan it out and know what are the steps that will get you closer to your goal. You can't get to your destination if you don't know what and where is your destination.

Make sense? Yah, they make sense to me. I hope they make sense to you.

Thursday, 8 January 2009

An Interesting day!

Update !

Salam ceria... hari ini menempuh pengalaman menarik..tak payah cerita nanti saya upload kan gambar saja..hihi...tunggguu.....

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

10 Muharram 1430

Juga dikenali sebagai Hari Asyura. Antara perkara-perkara sunat boleh dilakukan pada hari ini adalah :

- Belanja anak dan isteri
- Memuliakan fakir miskin
- Menahan marah
- Menunjukkan kepada org yang sesat
- Mengusap kepala anak yatim
- Sedekah kepada fakir miskin
- Memelihara kesucian diri
- Mandi sunat
- Bercelak
- Membaca surah Al-Ikhlas 1000x
- Solat sunat 4 rakaat
- Menjamu org berbuka puasa
- Berpuasa

dan lain2 lagi...

Semoga mendapat keberkatan di hari ini....

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Dengar kata si Comel!

'Be kinder than necessary because everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.'

A sharp tongue can cut your own throat.


If you want your dreams to come true, you mustn't oversleep.


Of all the things you wear, your expression is the most important.


The best vitamin for making friends..... B1.


The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.


The heaviest thing you can carry is a grudge.
One thing you can give and still your word.


You lie the loudest when you lie to yourself.

If you lack the courage to start, you have already finished.

One thing you can't recycle is wasted time.


Ideas won't work unless ' You' do.


Your mind is like a functions only when open.


The 10 commandments are not a multiple choice.


The pursuit of happiness is the chase of a lifetime! It is never too late to become what you might have been.

Life is too short to wake up with regrets. So love the people who treat you right. Forget about the ones who don't. Believe everything happens for a reason. If you get a second chance, grab it with both hands. If it changes your life, let it. Nobody said life would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it.

Friday, 2 January 2009


Open Letter to Barack Hussein Obama President-elect of the United States of America
By Dr. Mahathir Mohamad on January 1, 2009 3:59 AM

Dear Mr. President,

I did not vote for you in the Presidential Election because I am Malaysian.

But I consider myself one of your constituents because what you do or say will affect me and my country as well.

I welcome your promise to change. Certainly your country, the United States of America need a lot of changes.

That is because America and Americans have become the best hated people in the world. Even Europeans dislike your arrogance. Yet you were once admired and liked because you freed a lot of countries from conquest and subjugation.

It is the custom on New Year's day for people to make resolutions. You must have listed your good resolutions already. But may I politely suggest that you also resolve to do the following in pursuit of Change.

1) Stop killing people. The United States is too fond of killing people in order to achieve its objectives. You call it war, but today's wars are not about professional soldiers fighting and killing each other. It is about killing people, ordinary innocent people by the hundreds of thousands. Whole countries will be devastated.

War is primitive, the cavemen's way of dealing with a problem. Stop your arms build up and your planning for future wars.

2) Stop indiscriminate support of Israeli killers with your money and your weapons. The planes and the bombs killing the people of Gaza are from you.

3) Stop applying sanctions against countries which cannot do the same against you.

In Iraq your sanctions killed 500,000 children through depriving them of medicine and food. Others were born deformed.

What have you achieved with this cruelty? Nothing except the hatred of the victims and right-thinking people.

4) Stop your scientists and researchers from inventing new and more diabolical weapons to kill more people more efficiently.

5) Stop your arms manufacturers from producing them. Stop your sales of arms to the world. It is blood money that you earn. It is un-Christian.

6) Stop trying to democratize all the countries of the world. Democracy may work for the United States but it does not always work for other countries.

Don't kill people because they are not democratic. Your crusade to democratize countries has killed more people than the authoritarian Governments which you overthrew. And you have not succeeded anyway.

7) Stop the casinos which you call financial institutions. Stop hedge funds, derivatives and currency trading. Stop banks from lending non-existent money by the billions.

Regulate and supervise your banks. Jail the miscreants who made profits from abusing the system.

8) Sign the Kyoto Protocol and other international agreements.

9) Show respect for the United Nations.

I have many other resolutions for change which I think you should consider and undertake.

But I think you have enough on your plate for this 2009th year of the Christian Era.

If you can do only a few of what I suggest you will be remembered by the world as a great leader. Then the United States will again be the most admired nation. Your embassies will be able to take down the high fences and razor-wire coils that surround them.

May I wish you a Happy New Year and a great Presidency.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad

(Former Prime Minister of Malaysia)